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5 money-saving travel tips anyone can use

A wise man once said, if you cannot get everything for free, try to get it for less. This statement may not apply to all but for any one traveling on budget, you might agree with me. Without a plan travelling can pretty be expensive but with a few money-saving travel ideas, you could probably do some saving and get more for less. Do you want to know more? Consider the following.

Travel in low season: Tourism is a seasonal based business. And often times the peak season the fees on almost everything is high. If you are on budget, avoid the peak season. Travel at a completely different time and your tour operators will treat you like a royal.

Go for home rentals instead of hotels. Rentals are not only more economical than hotels for a family trip; they also give travelers the chance to experience a destination as a local. Once you get there, move round or go online and look for local grocery stores in the area you are renting to stock the kitchen with some basics like coffee, milk, drinks, cereals, etc.

Travel with Friends and Family — Split the Costs: This is such a grand idea. With costs shared, traveling becomes much cheaper. You don’t need to rent individual hotel rooms; you can always go for a fully furnished apartment, make your own food and have some fun along

If you are traveling alone or a pair, think about this; most hostels offer private rooms that are cheaper than hotels. This is a good option as well. Consider going in for one. You will have your own bathroom, new sheets each day, free Wi-Fi, and sometimes even a T.V.

Dining: Make Lunch Your Main Meal: When travelling on budget, make lunch your main meal. It is not only healthy and recommend by nutritionist s but it is also a money-saving strategy. Plan to have a great lunch and consider having a budget dinner.

Bonus tip: Travel to Rwanda for a memorable experience for less. With the right tour operator you can just have a blast in the land of a thousand hills. You can go gorilla trekking, visit national parks, mountains, museums and a lot of other activities.