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7 ways you can make money traveling to Rwanda or anywhere else

The world is filled with people who are making money out of the simple things they can do for fun. Why not do the same with your love for traveling? Let’s focus on this brief country Rwanda. Did you know that almost every traveler’s experience you will have in Rwanda can be an opportunity for you to make an extra buck? With a combination of hard work and determination, the following can be done.

Travel consultancy: Rwanda is a brief country though with countless experiences. Position yourself as a competent consultant about topics like Traveling to Rwanda or East Africa. You may not get clients regularly but it will help you position yourself for more opportunities like speaking engagements.

Still photography: You can by-pass a photography degree by getting YouTube tutorials on the same. Practice along the way. Aim at taking lots of nice photos and sell them later to lots of travel publications of even the renowned iStock or Shutterstock.

Short video-clip making: Explore the internet. The best of Rwanda is not yet well represented in videos online. Leverage on your camera. Download videography tutorials and keep learning along the way. For every destination you visit. Take a few professional videos which you can later sale on iStock or share on your social media. If they are nice videos, they will go viral, and possibly drive lots of public attention to you.

Travel lectures: Travel to Rwanda with the intention to learn more about the country right from its geographical structure to things like culture and history. You can choose to study the people or even something as simple the Rwandan genocide and you will have plenty to talk about. For starters, you can search and find lots of speaking engagements which might come in handy with proper negotiation.

Travel writing: After an extensive study of the country, turn your knowledge into articles for magazines or any other travel publication and each story your will write will be paid for.

Start a personal travel blog: Continue sharing your articles on your personal blog. Treat it like an independent brand. Make some social media noise about it. As you begin to get traffic, you begin to reap a few bucks from it from things like adverts and affiliate partnerships.

Self filming: As you visit Akagera National Park, the Rwanda Genocide Museum, other Genocide memorial sites, and any other attractions, stand right in front them, take a brief video at the attraction sharing your thoughts and your experience. Videos go viral. Soon you will begin to leverage on the income from your purported consultancy o writing. There are lots of travel publications who are more than willing to buy such content.

This is not all but enough to get you started on your path to discovering money while doing the things you love. Do you want to get started? Click here and ask us anything.