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8 reasons to visit Rwanda right now

Rwanda is the biggest smallest country in a sense that it’s a small country yet with fat experiences year-round. You can choose to come any time of the year and you will still have great adventure. In this article I share 8 reasons why you should consider visiting Rwanda right now.

1. Friendly government policy: Presently the government policy towards tourism is highly in favor of tourist. Through the Rwanda Development Board, government has turned Rwanda into a sought after destination. Efforts have been incurred to see that Rwanda tourism is publicized world over. So for any tourist coming to Rwanda, you have to rest assured that government has your back.

2. People: The Rwandan people are a friendly type. And because of this, a one-o-one interaction with in the community will teach you a lot about their reach culture. One of the activities you must subscribe to through your tour operator is community tourism as well as a cultural tourism. These are good avenues to interact with the Rwandan folks; ask questions as well as have an opportunity to have a personal experience with them.

3. Culture and tradition: Rwanda is rich in culture. Once you visit, make it a point to buy a cultural trip. It will be such a great opportunity for you to experience the culture through things like basket weaving and trying out a cultural dance.

4. Multiple museums: With more than 5 museums, you could have a remarkable experience on your trip to Rwanda. Understand the genocide pain by visiting the genocide museum; take a trip to the ethnographic museum, catch-up with the country’s political history by visiting the presidential museum, etcetera.

5. National parks: For this article I will point out one national park, Akagera national park. Make it point on your next trip to Rwanda you do not miss out on this amazing adventure. It’s a grand opportunity for those who want to explore the wild; see animals like the giraffe, elephants, zebras, lions, etcetera.

6. Gorilla trekking: For long this has been an emblem of the Rwandan tourism, and there is a reason for that. You cannot afford to miss this on your next trip to Rwanda. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the gorilla and its relevance to the Rwandan culture.

7. Accommodation: Accommodation for tourists in Rwanda is highly available in many options for any type of tourist. Whether you want something up class like a hotel or lodge, or something on budget like a great hostel, all these can be easily got in Rwanda. Do not shun an amazing trip in fear of where to stay once you visit the country.

8. Tour operators: At the moment Rwanda has some of the best tour operators; persons who have a vast amount of knowledge on tourism and highly capable of offering you memorable tourism packages tailored made for strictly you.

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