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Back packer advice on coming to Rwanda

For anyone planning a trip to Rwanda as a back-packer there is not plenty of precaution you should take but there are a few key things you should know which include the following.

Deal with the right tour operator: Once the decision to come to Rwanda is made, make sure you are in the arms of the best tour operator. Rwanda is a small country but in the hands of the wrong tour operator it can be challenging starting from expenses on things like visiting awesome attractions. For quick response plan your trip with Hermosa Tours and Travel and rest assured of a memorable experience.

Find the right hostel: A right hostel is a renown hostel. Some one knows something about it. Someone will recommend it. It’s that kind of hostel that understands your needs as a traveler. For starters once you get to Rwanda I recommend Discover Rwanda hostel. They are good on quality and have additional branches in or near some of the best places of attraction.

Carry the right attire: Find out what time of the year you will be travelling to Rwanda and base your attire on the weather that shall be prevailing during your stay. You don’t want to come with extremely light clothes and freeze during the rainy seasons and neither do you want to visit the country with heavy attires for you stay uncomfortable in the earth-scorching sun.

Think before spending: Reality is; there is something about the value of Rwandan francs which also has an effect the prices of items. So before spending think twice. Better to spend your money having fun in Rwanda than buying fancy foods of or stuff you should have carried along.

Plan ahead: In light to the above, plan ahead, and plan well. Have a budget. Know the range of activities you are willing to undertake and operate within your budget.
Have fun: Once you get on ground, be determined to have fun. Talk to people. Interact with the locals. Make friends. Ask questions. That’s the expected essence of traveling.

Travel light: Figure out the number of days you are intending to stay and pack in relationship to that. You do not need more than one jacket for example. As opposed to 2 pairs of weaker boots, invest in a pair good quality boots and that will be enough. Period.

Place your inquiries here in case you are planning to travel any time soon and we will be glad to attend to you.