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How to have a cheaper safari experience in Rwanda

In this time and age tourism is no longer for the folks with extra cash. It’s something literary any person can do as well as you are willing to plan well. For starters, destination matters, how far, where, cost of accommodation, travel, and a lot of other factors matter when it comes to traveling on budget. Well, Rwanda is a recommended travel destination and you do not have to opt out because of a number of the following reasons.

Get the night tour operator to take you through: Incidentally all tour operators might be good but in this case the right tour operator will be one who will understand your budget and at the same time offer you the best value for it. I recommend you place an inquiry at Hermosa Life tours and travel and evaluate what we can offer you.

Choose your activities wisely based on the price: For a list of available activities, ask your tour operator to advise particularly those that will leave a lasting impact on you.

Do not underestimate pro-bono trip: For example check our packages, buy one trip and we will give you a bonus trip to experience Rwanda. This will include a visit to 5 memorable museums, the local market and a cultural experience for completely pro-bono.

Visit the community: Rwandan people are a hospitable type from whom you will enjoy learning tidbits about the country. A community visit is a guarantee to get clarity about the widely spread myths about Rwanda and learn more that you would have learned from Google.

Leverage on accommodation: Ask your tour operator to book you accommodation in a place with extra activities. It could be additions like camp fire experiences; such is what makes a memorable experience.

Take a gorilla safari: A lot has been written about gorillas but it’s a different thing having a gorilla experience. With a our Gorilla package you can rest assured of a memorable experience and learn a lot more from experienced tour guides.

Have the right camera or Binoculars: This will make your experience much more memorable when it comes to Rwanda’s beautiful scenery. With a binocular, you can get it much closer and with your camera you can choose to capture life outside an attraction. Say you have had a game drive in Akagera National Park; you can choose a brief stopover and take a few photos separately.

Bonus tip: Ask the guide to take you places where you can have a chance to take excellent photography

Finally: Do not hesitate to ask us about anything concerning Rwanda. We will freely share what we know.