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Rwanda, the Adventure begins on the road

Traveling to Rwanda is one of the most exciting experiences one can ever have. The road experience feels more like it is you alone on the journey. The tarmac calls for steady speed but you may be tempted to be slow because of the “s” corners at almost every 10 minutes depending on which region you are in. Here is the adventure of a road trip with in Rwanda.

1. Say bye to the clutter of your city
Once you get on the road from Kigali, soon you’re in the serenity of the country. It’s clear that whatever the noise of wherever you come from is left behind. For a strategic thinker, it can as well be a perfect moment of reflection.

2. Enjoy the sight of nature
The deeper you get into the journey, the more you see the green beautiful coverings of the hills; no wonder the country is code-named the land of a thousand hills. Be it left or right, you will begin to see a fertile green depending on the season of the time.

3. The road
The road is 95% well constructed. Every route is clearly made with tarmac. As a matter of fact you begin to appreciate the government of Rwanda of the millions worth invested in construction of the roads. The deeper you get onto the road, the more beautiful it becomes. It’s a trail of clean but “S” curves.

4. Enjoy the hills and slopes and turns
If you have been a child before you definitely know how it feels to reach the furthest another furthest point. That feeling that the heaven is right over the other hill; only to find that it’s actually infinity miles ahead.

5. The Rocky edges
Enjoy the rocky edges regularly seen in most turns. Unlike the some parts of the world, roads in Rwanda run around the hills. As a matter of fact, there is pretty much to enjoy at various sections where it’s clearly seen that a rock was split to gain the way.

6. The people, domestic animals and gardens
These portray the fact that you are not yet in a park. There is human life living there. Along the way you see road side gardens with the native Rwandan people tilling the land. With a good lens, one is capable taking great photos for better memories or something you could later sell on stock photos.

7. Hospitality: Generally Rwandans are a hospitable type.
This starts with whosoever is with you on a trip. For example taking a trip with Hermosa Life tours and travel, you will definitely enjoy the company of our guide or even the driver taking you.

Next time you want to take a road trip to Rwanda, do not hesitate to give plan your trip with us.