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What to Look For In a Good Hostel

Hostels are commonly known for hosting budget travelers but that does not mean since you are on budget you reside in a shack sort of a house. You still deserve clean and fancy house even when it is a hostel. It is right and proper for you to stay in a place that understands your needs as a traveler. The following are key pointers to what makes a good hostel.

Organized activities: This is often an additional bonus. Before booking a hostel find out what else you can get from them. If you are in Rwanda, find out whether they organize traditional dance presentations, BBQ or any other activity that promotes social interaction

Breakfast inclusive: Consider a place that offers breakfast to avoid wasting time running to a local cafeteria each morning. Save your morning for proper day’s planning.

Flexibility: Examine to find out whether the hostel you are going for is not dormitory of some sorts with tough rules and regulations when it comes to checking in and checking out. Bill settlement is not meant to be such an early morning thing. A good hostel is one that offers you some bit of flexibility at what time you check in and check out.

Wi-Fi, cable internet or any other form of internet: Internet may not be a top traveler’s need but you never know when you might need to send mail, Skype or update your Instagram. Therefore a hostel with free Wi-Fi and computer terminals is always better.

Cheaper is not always better: It’s kind of natural for budget travelers to run for the cheapest available but for goodness’ sake pay an extra dollar for something better. Yes you are on budget, but that does not mean you should go for an extremely cheap place. Find a decent hostel even when it comes at extra cost. Once you travel to Rwanda, consider Discover Rwanda youth hostel. You will not regret it.

Excellent shower rooms: whereas you are not entitled to a personal shower room, you still deserve the best. For long it has been known the bathroom contributes to human relaxation. Therefore examine the shower rooms for things like cleanliness, availability of water and presence a water reservoir. You don’t want to come from a long day’s trip only to be disappointed by empty showers.

Lockers: Often times taken minor but make a big difference. You may not have a lot with you but you still deserve a place to keep your belongings. Consider a hostel that offers good and safe lockers. Often times we travel with a few electronics that deserve and added bit of security.

A bar: This is not a must-have but spending your time at a hostel with bar makes it a lot much better. It is a good place to socialize, catch up a drink and make a friend or two.

Common area: This is a best option for a hostel without a bar. Look out for a hostel with a common area where residents come out to have fun, surf the internet, sip a drink or have regular casual gatherings.
Knowledgeable staff: You can tell knowledgeable staff by asking a few questions for starter. When looking for a hostel, consider one that has resourceful staff; those who will be ready to answer correctly to any questions and offer great advice when needed. I mean, look for place that is as homely as a possible. Not a small travelers’ dungeon.

Well, the above are just key pointers to great hostels. They are not a conclusive report on what makes a great hostel or not but they can help. I also strongly recommend, look at client reviews, pictures and call in to find out more.